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Building Puget Sound Interfaith Cooperation
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Welcome to our work in progress! This is an interactive, self-updated and illustrated online directory for members of the interfaith community in the Pacific Northwest.

Participating in our Directory is free, voluntary and by invitation. There are no anonymous activities and each of us determines how accessible we are to others by editing our own profile. To remain active you merely need to keep your email address current.

You may also enter more information about yourself and may choose to share your profile with other members and organizations in the LivingDirectory Network developed by Sergio Lub and Victor Grey, whose vision is to interconnect those envisioning a world that works for all.

We also maintain a shared events calendar for all IFCN members. Unfortunately, the software identifies IFCN as the "sponsor" of these events when we are just helping to promote these events. (Like we said.. "work in progress".)

To log in, you must be a participant. If you have already received a password, just log in and you will be presented with a list of the groups in which you are Active, to which you have been Invited, and in which you can Register.

If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot?" link on the login form to the right.

Features/FAQs includes a description of an optional feature to send electronic Thankyou's, a unique system to acknowledge and account for the goodwill we receive, thus encouraging community building through reciprocal giving.

We hope you will use this Directory to stay in touch with fellow participants, thus deepening connections while continuing the work of building interfaith cooperation in the Puget Sound.
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2004-Jan-2 (Jon Eliot Ramer)
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